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Suzana Mira

A woman and a sister

A daughter

A friend and a lover

A perfectionist

A Virgo

Spiritual and shy


Still a child J


I’m very responsible and rational, sometimes to my own disadvantage.

Fond of nature, seaside, wildlife, all small animals.

In love with sunsets, horses and fluffy white clouds.

Hate to wake up early in the morning or being bossed around (except if there’s a true leader in the house and I am part of a team).

In 2008 I graduated from Kruger Brent Agency, where I studied to become a professional make-up artist. And I did! Make-up is still my first absolute, consuming, cannot-live-without-love.

I also worked as a stylist. I’ve always been very much into creating: knitting willow twigs and cooking with my Grandmother, using all textile leftovers to design dresses for my dolls, putting up a whole glam look for me and my friends before a night out…

To me, clothing is a means of expression as powerful as any. I think the Boho/Bohemian trend represents me best, but I can wear any kind of outfit and not necessarily become it.

Beauty is about being natural, the old cliché ‘less is more’ couldn’t be more true in this respect! I love taking care of myself and I admire women who are always put together.

In the past 4 years I have developed an interest in gastronomy. Everything I cook now is completely self-taught (TV, books, chefs, contests and real-life experience). I’ve also started a sweets delivery small business – mostly anniversary layered cakes. I am looking forward to investing more of my time and money in this endeavor. (For more details please click here).

Instead of a conclusion (because I dislike endings) I’d love to invite you to join me in this great adventure that is LIFE and:

Cook together

Meet up at local events

Make-up and style


Become real friends.

Will you become part of the suzanamira family?

Spune-ti parerea!


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